Thursday, July 22, 2010

"another one bites the dust" "and he is still here"... yep that's right it's time for

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Nash

Nashville has been awesome! We are moving everything around trying to find a perfect place for it. Between unpacking new boxes, finding the perfect place for everything and taking empty boxes to the dumpster, we found the time to drive around a bit.
I found two awesome fabric stores. They had everything!! (Textile Fabric Store and The Fabric House)
Then we saw Sandra Mccracken which was great.
Tomorrows adventure is going to included going to "two elle", a boutique I found on on the internet. I can't wait! It sounds awesome.
here is the link to there blog, go check it out...
We also have a few coffee shops to go to! Frothy Monkey and Ugly Mugs

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Meghan Hillary and I where looking at fears and what they were called. It was really interesting to find out what fears where out there and what I was afraid of.
Here are a some I found that I thought were interesting...

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia -- fear of long words.
Arachibutyrophobia -- fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth.
Kathisophobia -- fear of sitting down.
Aerophobia- Fear of swallowing air
Ambulophobia- Fear of walking
Anablephobia- Fear of looking up
Aulophobia- Fear of flutes
Bogyphobia- Fear of the bogeyman
Chionophobia- Fear of snow
Cibophobia- Fear of food
Dextrophobia- Fear of objects at the right side of the body
Geniophobia- Fear of chins
Levophobia- Fear of objects to the left side of the body
Pogonophobia- Fear of beards
Sciophobia- Fear of shadows
Verbophobia- Fear of words
Caligynephobia - fear of beautiful women
Papaphobia - fear of the Pope
Soceraphobia - fear of in-laws
ephebiphobia- fear of teenagers
Phobophobia- fear of phobia
Koumpounophobia- Fear of buttons.

These are just a few but Google fears because it's really entertaining.

And now in honor of fear, here is a song called "Fearful" By The Stevedores

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This weekend Hillary had a preview day at the school, IADT, that we will be attending. Any chance to go to Nashville we go, so this was a great opportunity.

It started as just anther great trip to Nashville...
We got so much accomplished! We went and saw our rep at the school, Bertha, and gave her a "Bertha Day" gift (just a little thank you). Then went apartment hunting and settled on the one we wanted!! Finally we ended our day with meeting our friend, Brett, and eating some good food and watching a movie with him and his roommate, Vince. Ashley, my cousin, meet us that night too! Great day.

When we got up that morning it was raining but that did not put a damper on our day. We went to IADT that morning and made plans to eat lunch at the Pancake Pantry! At the Pancake Pantry there is always a line - usually stretching around the corner of the building. So we stood outside in the rain! Out of the 6 of us, we had 2 rain jackets, 2 hoodies, 1 sweatshirt and no umbrellas. We made it through the line, though we were quite wet, sat down, ate a great meal, and let's be honest lingered a while, talking and such because of the rain....which let me add, while raining hard, it "appeared" to be an average hard rain...normal weekend right!

Here's where things got interesting:
On our way home from eating we hit a river crossing over the road (that normally goes under the road) less then a mile away from out hotel. We thought it best to not go through it so we trusted our GPS and went around it. This however was not the thought of many people, which sad to say made great entertainment for us. Josh was among those who thought his car could make it, he was also one of the two (while we were watching) to get stuck. After he was pushed out of the river (by the other guy that got stuck), Meghan, Hillary, a random nice man, and I pushed his car up a hill to park it out of the road. Josh had no way to get to his apartment 30 minutes away - he could not locate any of his friends on his cell. So what were we to do but offer to take him home. Turns out that it took 5-6 hours to get there and back because so many roads were flooded. We made it back and stayed safely in our hotel.
Turns out there was a K-mart less than a mile away (thank you to Ashley's friend, Amy, who used to work near where we were and provided us with that much needed information)! So Ashley and my mom went to get food, drinks and a little entertainment. We were trapped - not in Nashville, but in our hotel - not able to go a mile either way. We had to stay an extra day, which turned out to be a fun time because we went down to the lobby and played games with other guests we just meet.
On Monday we finally made it out, though the Cumberland River still had not crested and the devastation was not over. The roads we needed to travel on had been cleared and one of the ones Ashley needed to drive on cleared near noon (it wasn't supposed to be clear until 5pm Monday). Though travel was slow for Ashley - we all made it out.

Nashville is a place that I love. Meghan, Hillary and I already think of it as "our town". It has always been hard to leave the town we think of as our home but this time was the hardest for all of us. We can't wait to be up there to help however we can. To see the town that we love so much, in so much need, breaks my heart. There is such a need for clothing, and water... everyone there has to cut there water use by half, as one of the water treatment plants was under water. They cannot even start repairs until the water recedes, so they are down to 1 treatment plant!

If you want to help there are ways to get involved. Hillary has organized a facebook group with more information called "Hand in Hand with Nashville". This is a great way to get involved and also just to be able to find out what is going on - not many people here seem to know how severe the problems are in Nashville (as well as Mississippi, Kentucky and the rest of Tennessee). Our news is focusing on the oil spill, the bombing in NYC that wasn't successful, and the killing of the lacross player. While these are all very important and tragic issues they have certainly overshadowed "the flood". So we are doing what we can to inform people here what they can do.


We are asking for you to go through your closets and pull out clothes that you no longer, or never wear. We all buy clothes that we toss in the back of the closet and never look at again! Why keep it to clutter up your closet? Donate and go buy something else to take its place. They need clothes for everyone - every size - every sex! Some people lost ALL they have!

Another thing they have asked for is nonperishable food items. That's right, go into the pantry and pull out those green beans you bought two months ago and forgot you had. Or if you're feeling extra generous go to the store and play a little Super Market Sweep...Super Market Sweep is always fun.

The final thing they're asking for is water. Bottled water or gallons of water. They need water! When my mom and Ashley went to K-Mart on Sunday, they already had cases of water at the front of the store, and people were filling their carts with it! It will not last.

If you are in the Sylacauga area you can take them to Kenny Norris at First Baptist of Sylacauga, or call or email one of us and we will get it and store it at our house.
Tori email -
Tori cell - 256-861-0108
Hillary email -
Hillary cell - 256-872-5196

If you are in the Tuscaloosa area, we are hoping to set up several boxes at different churches through out T-town. As of Wednesday there will be a box for sure at Open Door Baptist Church.

If you are elsewhere contact Hillary at and we will work out how to get it there.

If you give, we'll carry. We will personally collect things from Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and Sylacauga in two weeks - that's May 19th - and will take them to Nashville.

Please remember to pray for Nashville. For the people who lost everything and for the ministers and believers in Nashville - that they will be used by God to spread the gospel - what an awesome opportunity they have!

For pictures and videos go to Hillary's blog at
or to the facebook page she made
"Hand in Hand with Nashville"

Friday, April 9, 2010

I love spaghetti.

One day I was over at the Vaughn's and Sterling was eating broccoli and bananas. Bethany gave it all to him at the same time, so I was trying to help him eat his broccoli not just bananas. When we were down to a little broccoli and one slice of banana, I tried to give him broccoli. He grabbed the banana cramped it in his mouth. With banana spilling out of his mouth he raised his hands and motioned "all done". I love when little kids make a mess with there food and get it all over them. (I know this is probably because I don't have to clean it up but that's the joy of being an aunt!)
That was one of my favorite things Sterling ever did.... Then I saw this!

I love this kid and he loves spaghetti!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


These are my new tag designs for all my items!

Victoria Glynne is taken from my first and middle name. VG is what I want to call my line.
I hope y'all like them!
A special thanks to Lindsey from for helping me with it!:) Anyone who needs tags go to her she is so sweet and helpful!


We are going tomorrow to get my grandmother, Memaw and bring her to Sylacauga for a few weeks. Memaw is the reason know how to sew. For years she made dresses for us. I always loved the dresses she made but did not really understand how talented she was til later. It's awesome to go though her old fabric and find some that I remember as a dress.
As I got older, OK I was still pretty young, I thought sewing looked like fun. She was so patient with me and taught me so much. I LOVED every minute of it. Learning what a bobbin was, threading the machine, back stitching, and how to work with fabrics. When I think about going to her house I think of sitting with her at her sewing machine, cutting fabric, cross stitching(which is a different story all together) and eating. She was and is an excellent teacher and made it so easy to learn.
When I was 12 I got my first sewing machine for Christmas!(That was all I wanted) My parents got me the machine and she got me all I needed for it. She got me the stuff that she used and treated me like I had been sewing for years. This really made me feel like it was something I was good at and a big reason I kept it up. As much as I love to sew if it had not been for my Memaw teaching, encouraging and sitting by my side till I got it right I don't think I would love it as much.
Recently, when I started making ties I did not like the patterns I found, so we sat down together and took apart a tie and thought of the best way to make it. It was amazing to sit and see how her sewing brain works. We then made 6 ties in 24 hours!(Which was a lot)I love to sew with her and pick apart her brain on all her sewing knowledge.
Praise the Lord for grandmothers and there knowledge. God used her so much in my life and has used her to shape my future! It's great to know that God started planning for my future so long ago.